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The Drive To Freedom! 

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The Drive To Freedom


How To Buy Real Estate For Less Than $1,000 or Get Paid JUST For Trying! 


The Key To Winning Is Giving 


Book Reviews 

Very Informative. Shared so many ideas. Author is truly trying to help others. We're not all rocket scientists, the opportunities are for everyone.

Very valuable info to help grow your social media accounts!

Wow JT you are in your element. Your intro aligns the soul to grab whatever is said next. Maybe you might think on writing motivational books also. Something that will expose and break the slave mentally we are unknowingly raised in and conditioned by! I had to stop and give you a high 5! JT your Star is rising and GOD'S HAND is on your life. Thank you for helping us.

Maria Fernandez, After Purchasing The Key To Winning Is Giving

Corey Hicks,
After Purchasing The Influencer Accountability Planner

After Purchasing The Drive To Freedom

In The Press



JT, whose also know as JT Hustlez or JT Automations on social media, is a United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran, Master Degree holder, Public Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Influencer and Author. Above all, he prides himself as a follower of Christ. Being raised in a low income environment in the small town of Mullins, South Carolina JT has had his fair share of financial hardships. Through it all he's persevered and now has built multiple brands for himself worth millions while also teaching others the most practical approaches to becoming successful entrepreneurs. JT's business books contains lessons from his own life. Even his fiction novels contain elements relevant to present day society, and each book published carries with it an entrepreneurial theme. JT has changed countless lives for the better by being one of the best practical voices of reason, and one of the most simplistic teachers to understand as it pertains to teaching entrepreneurship through his books. 



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